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Sue trained as a Planner; however, she began her property career in the 1980s as the Development Officer for a leading Housing Association, where Sue managed a variety of capital development projects. This provided ample scope for Sue to refine her project management and team leadership skills.


Her notable successes in delivering new opportunities led to Sue’s subsequent promotion to Development Director within the same organisation. During this time Sue strategically managed a 400% growth in unit delivery, and secured over £190m of grant funding from the Housing Corporation.


In 2003 Sue’s career trajectory led to the offer of the post of Development Director within one of the UK’s largest affordable housing Groups. This provided the opportunity to apply her affordable housing development expertise to a wider geographic area, and to broaden her experience of the affordable housing policy at a National level.


Sue joined Affordable Housing Solutions Ltd as a Director in 2007, bringing with her over thirty years’ experience of the affordable housing sector.


Relevant Experience


Sue has extensive knowledge and experience in non-grant funded projects and S106 developments. Sue is also a member of the RIBA Housing Group which was established to promote housing issues.


Notable Achievements


The delivery of optimum affordable housing arrangements in relation to large scale regeneration projects. In this regard recent major projects include:

Rayners Lane, LB Harrow

Angell Town, LB Lambeth.


The application of affordable housing policy and practices, targeted towards the promotion and delivery of optimum outcomes for clients. The cost effective design of sustainable affordable housing projects, which meet funding and user requirements.


Professional Qualifications


BA (Hons) Planning Studies, Post Graduate Diploma in Planning Studies (Major in Housing)

Sue Belk - Director



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