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Strategic advice

Whilst there are common treads which run through many property based initiatives, each opportunity is unique. Affordable Housing Solution provides you with a partner equipped with all the resources required to define the most appropriate affordable housing strategy to perfectly match the specifics of your project objectives.


Our strategic menu includes policy research capability, feasibility studies and options appraisals; residential research; expert witness. On a project specific basis we offer expert input in relation to housing policy, design and specification funding delivery, disposal and valuation. This is supported by our extensive Valuations Database.


We are resourced to work seamlessly with the project team to address design compliance issues, and deliver pre-planning and construction phase, consultancy advice to optimise affordable housing outcomes. 

Financial Viability Analysis

Affordable Housing Solutions interface directly and positively with Local Authority Officers on your behalf. Our negotiation expertise offers optimum and timely outcomes in relation affordable housing planning and development issues.


Key support to our negotiations is provided by tailored Financial Viability Assessments. We have significant in-house financial modelling expertise which we will deploy to clearly demonstrate the commercial realities of affordable housing provision.

We also advise in relation to draft S106 Agreements, and thereby minimise development risk. 

Disposal Routes

Affordable Housing Solutions deliver optimum terms for the sale of affordable housing. We constantly update our in depth market knowledge in order to provide the best sales platform to negotiate the best available price package.


We specifically  implement tailored disposal strategies geared to select the most beneficial Purchaser. We consider the long term management of affordable housing stock is a key determinant of successful project outcomes. 

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