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Dalston Lane

Dalston is identified in the London Plan as one of 35 major centres in Greater London. Its historical borders are Kingsland Road and Kingsland High Street in the west, London Fields in the east, Downs Park Road in the north and the Shoreditch parish boundary in the south. Its main shopping street, Kingsland High Street, follows the route of the Roman Ermine Street.


The proposed scheme is and will deliver 121 high quality residential apartments to replace the poor quality light-industrial buildings which currently occupy the site.


Affordable Housing Solutions where appointed by the client in 2011 whereupon we integrated our services with the project team. This team based approach has resulted in the delivery of an optimised, and comprehensive, affordable housing output. The design team at Waugh Thistleton Architects have produced an environmentally sustainable design, using leading edge technology, where the affordable housing content is seamlessly integrated into the innovative design.


Affordable Housing Solutions strategic input linked to our financial viability assessment expertise has delivered a sound platform for construction of this landmark scheme which is anticipated to start on site in 2014 subject to final completion of S106 terms.



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